Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Kunal Dasgupta, Arun Arora, Kacon Sethi, Pavan R Chawla, Neeraj Vyas, Anupama Mandloi, Paddy Padmashree PS and others...

Check out this gang – Arun Arora, founding CEO of SET, with his team
at Malad’s The Retreat. Some of the best TV pros assembled here —
younger looking, more hair on their heads, and all charged up. Don’t
miss (yes, not likely!) the man at extreme right of frame – then still
the CFO, Kunal Dasgupta, the man who was to take SET India to dizzying
heights and the No. 1 position in the days of the even madder and more
frenzied race for the top spot when weekly shows were the order of the
day and marketing heads banged the second part of their job titles
against the wall in desperation to seek the answer of WHICH one or two
shows to promote. People in this photo include Arun Arora, Kunal
Dasgupta, Kacon Sethi, Suhail Abbasi, Vinod Tiwari, Aditi Bannerjee,
Charu Benegal, Ambika Kuthiala, Anupama Mandloi, Manjunathan, yours
truly, Anil Shetty, Padmashree PS (Paddy), Jagdeep Dighe wearing a
wig?, Neeraj Vyas, Vinod Berry, Ananth R, and Suguna Narayanan

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