Hina Rabbani Khar impressive

Pakistan’s elegant young 34-year-old Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar spoke impressively, sounded great, displayed poise and panache at the Indo-Pak Foreign Ministers talks. Very impressive.

Now if only Pakistan can put its money where Mz Khar’s mouth is, else there’ll be absolutely no takeaway from these talks. But she’s an amazing statement for the women of Pakistan.

BTW, I am as angry as any other self-respecting Indian at the Pakistani government’s proven support and incitement of terrorism against India, but couldn’t fail to notice how, while shaking hands for the media, Khar was the more outreaching, while Krishna seemed to be a bit reserved 🙂

Just hope her government also reaches out with the same spirit. Not imposssible; miracles do happen, and must be hoped for. Of course we need to view the meeting and statements in perspective and not get blown over by the utterances. Though it does seem like Pakistan is in aggressive mode for peace.

Let’s see if Mz Khar really means what she said, to the effect, about joint priorities on counter-terrorism, and the Pakistani government delivers the masterminds and mentors of attacks like those in Nov 2008 — like Hafiz Sayed and others — to India. I hope the increased aid-linked and other US pressure on Pakistan and its army will have a positive effect on the subcontinent.

But first, let’s see what the joint statement says.

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