Don’t miss Sonu Nigam’s Klose To My Heart concert in Bengaluru

Okay, there will be no clever featurish intro here. I’m a diehard Sonu Nigam fan, there’s this mega concert,Sonu Nigam’s Klose To My Heart,  happening for the first time in South India in Bengaluru on the 12thof November, 2016, at...

/ September 14, 2016

You have to do it your way: Vinod Mehta

Some time in June this year, I called a friend of decades, who had recently resigned from a senior editorial position at a well known Business publication / section. I won’t tell you its name or the language it is...

/ August 15, 2016
Image-for-Featured-Image--on India's finest films on Zee Classic -PavanRChawlaDotCom

14 gems of parallel Hindi cinema, every Saturday

If I were to ask a real connoisseur of great Hindi cinema to list her or his top 100 films of all time, I’m pretty sure many of the films on this Zee Classic parallel cinema festival, India’s Finest Films, would walk...

/ July 19, 2016

Brilliant little pianist

There’s this little girl,  see,   who’s a  real dazzler at playing the piano. Now I don’t know who she is or where she is from,  but I just received a video of her reading notation and playing the piano...

/ July 3, 2016

Rustom, Mohenjo Daro on collision course

The battle lines are drawn.  That seems very likely, and it would be a travesty, for, going by their trailers, both are excellent concepts that will appeal to multiplex- and single-screen audiences alike. So why this hara kiri? Watch the trailers first,...

/ June 30, 2016

Some precious Pancham songs

Here are some brilliant R D Burman songs, that have remained personal favourites from the time I first heard them. These Pancham tracks have clung like limpets to my soul, really.  Beautiful melodies, lovely instrumentation, great sweet tunes brilliantly dressed.  These may...

/ June 28, 2016

3-hour special of R D Burman songs on Sony MIX

  I’ve been late putting this up,  so let me rush to the point. On right now, on Sony MIX,  tonight,  from 9 pm to midnight of Monday,  the 27th of June,   is a smorgasbord  of some truly handpicked film...

/ June 27, 2016

Is digital killing the reading habit?

. A friend sent me this very inspiring and cleverly written story. You’ll probably recall reading it from one of numerous WhatsApp forwards and Facebook posts. Here it is, as received and un-subbed: A jobless man applied for the job...

/ June 25, 2016

Respect their respect

In the atmosphere of death and destruction fueled by religious fanaticism and political extremism surrounding us, standing thousands of miles away from but vicariously in the horrible wake of the fanatic Paris killings and now San Bernadino, I went nostalgic....

/ March 12, 2016

Humour: Your 2-minute Management Lesson

Two minute refresher management course must read. Not my creation,  but a favorite forward that I thought I must share 🙂 Lesson One An eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing. A small rabbit saw the eagle and...

/ February 28, 2016